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The Handover project: Introduction video

The Handover project introduction video from Handover on Vimeo.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Hub Wollersheim
from the Scientific Institute for Quality of Healthcare (IQ healthcare), Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

Dr. Wollersheim is a medical specialist in internal medicine and associate professor of quality and safety in hospital care. He has a special interest in frail patients, surgical safety, professionalism and education.

Prof. Dr Hub Wollersheim, Scientific Institute for Quality of Healthcare (IQ healthcare), Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Ce from Handover on Vimeo.

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Handover Training

In this group a systematic approach for designing handover training is discussed. The issues of transfer of training and workplace learning are also addressed here.

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Health 2.0


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Protocols, checklists and other standardized tools to improve handover

This group discusses what standardized tools can be used to improve the handover

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External and organisational factors influencing the effectiveness of handover

This group discusses the critical external and organizational factors, their impact on the handover process and the possibilities to cope with them.

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Communication Skills, Knowledge, Awareness and Attitude: how to improve these for an effective handover

The role of communication skills, knowledge, attitude and awareness for improving handover.

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Empowerment of the patients during handover practices

This group discussed the crucial role patients play in handovers and how we can involve them and empower them during handovers.

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How to use the Handover toolbox

This group offers information on using the toolbox in an effective and efficient manner